Celeste Potions™ are a prominent pharmaceutical company, comprising of different sub-fields pertaining to the development, production, and marketing of potions and medicinal products.

VENUE NAME HERE is the central bureau located within Ishgard which also accommodates the youngest Celeste son who recently inherited the company from his father.

Ranging from potions, ointments, tinctures and ingredients, VENUE NAME HERE will be glad to provide and aid you with whatever your need. There is also a refined bistro on the premises which provides fine foods and drinks.


The staff of VENUE NAME HERE will have the 'Looking to Meld Materia' tagged next to their names. Please approach them if you need assistance with anything whatsoever.

Kyruno Celeste


Lark Weaver


HOROLOGIUM offer consultations. If you are unsure of what medicines you require, please approach a member of staff so we can examine the issue and offer an appropriate prescription.

All prices listed in the consumable section are in character only. No real Gil is required unless purchasing items from our specialised Services section.


"Be sure to take phials of liquid with you on your adventures. After all, the clinking of glass from all the potions, ethers, and elixirs an adventurer is known for carrying about their person is one of the easiest ways for a potential client to distinguish them from a marauding barbarian."
-- Adventuring for Fun and Profit, First Edition

Celeste Super-Potion

This concentrated concoction instantly restores a significant amount of health. Perfect for those that are likely to engage in physical encounters.

Celeste Super-Ether

Processed via the alchemical extraction of aetheric essence occuring in elemental crystals, the contents of this vial instantly restore a significant amount of Mana. Essential for casters. Ethers can also cure aether sickness!

Celeste Hi-Elixir

This special blend of herbal extracts and aetheric essence rejuvenates both body and mind, instantly restoring health and mana when drank. For the overly-paranoid.

Celeste Sleeping Potion

A powerful concoction which instantly induces deep slumber when consumed. For those that struggle with insomnia.

Celeste Ointments

Celeste Potions™ have a wide variety of ointments available on demand. Whether it you need them to reduce the intensity of scars, treating burn injuries, pain, or something more specific, consult a member of staff for one of these topical medicines.

Celeste Contraceptive

Though regarded as highly toxic, Winter Pennyroyal is brewed with Shroud Tea leaves. Even using half of the 'reccommended dose' has on occasion led to death. Consuming starts menstration, and is incredibly bitter. Extreme caution must be taken when brewing this tea, and only highly-skilled alchemist should attempt to create this contraceptive. This is prescribed as an emmenagogue.

Celeste Pain Relievers

These small alchemically-crafted pills work with your body to keep you from feeling pain. If you suffer from frequent migraines or bodily pains, these would be perfect for you. It is advised to not take more than neccessary.



Grade 4 Tincture of Intelligence
Grade 4 Tincture of Vitality
Grade 4 Tincture of Strength
Grade 4 Tincture of Dexterity
Grade 4 Tincture of Mind

Raiding Food and Potions can be traded for actual in-game gil. The prices will be subjective to Phoenix Marketboard prices at the time of opening. A discount of 10% (? maybe more?) will be offered to clients compared to marketboard prices. If you are unsure of what potions or food to buy for your Class, we can help you.


If your character has a specific potion in mind (for example, for plot reasons), please speak to a member of staff and follow them to the Atelier next door, where a private consultation will take place to ensure the potion you need can be brewed to a high standard.

Offensive potions / explosives are also available to purchase upon special request. Note that these can be lethal if handled incorrectly. Ensure care.

Frost Bomb: It would glow a saturated blue if infused with magic. Once smashed and the chemicals get exposed to oxygen, the liquid will rapidly flash-freeze into ice, the nearby air causing tiny glistening ice shards to appear; the temperature dropping slightly.

Shock Bomb: A humming metal vial that visibly vibrates in hand. Must be punctured with a Lightning Crystal for it to react, it will take a few seconds for the effect to take place. Emits a high-pitched screech that would make even a Hyur’s ears hurt, until massive bolts of lightning would erupt dangerously around the target.

Desiccant Potion: A hygroscopic substance used as a drying agent. If the chemicals come into contact with skin, it dries out the fluid from the pores, causing the victim to become weak (?)


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